“Executive Educational Consultants were able to look at our school objectively and recommend not only ways to increase enrollment and improve marketing, but also make suggestion for school management and financial aid programs that will ultimately benefit our bottom line. EEC's expertise in all areas of education was quite evident and their counsel was extremely beneficial to our school. ”
-Kathleen Sharp
Principal, Calvary Murrieta Christian Schools

“Attending a private seminar of Executive Educational Consultants was inspiring. They came to our school and gave an uplifting and informative lecture. Their speaker, Mike, gave realistic strategies which we could take straight to the classroom. Mike is gifted in his uncanny ability to foresee growth opportunities and is a true team player. Anyone who receives the opportunity to work with EEC will appreciate the perspective and positivity they bring to each unique situation.”
-Meika McCrindle

“Michael Dobreski is extraordinarily hard working and conscientious. He is disciplined, productive, and willing to work evenings and weekends. In fact, in any situation is positive about taking on additional responsibilities and getting the task done.”
-Dr. David Winter
President Emeritus, Westmont College

“Mike is a deeply committed person and follows through on his goals and commitments. He is approachable and takes the time to listen to other’s ideas and opinions. He is a great people person that shows evidence of a great leader. He has clear convictions but does not overpower others who disagree with him. Mike is known as a person of integrity who continually demonstrates a high degree of loyalty and trustworthiness to his obligations and relationships.”
-Dr. Harold L. Bussell

“It is a pleasure to recommend Mike Dobreski to you. In meetings Mike offers helpful tips, suggestions, and time-tested methods, and he understands the importance of forming positive relationships. Mike was responsible for planning and hosting several large events. Not only were the events well organized and well attended, he spoke clearly and articulately to a large audience at each function. Mike is a man of character and integrity who is caring, dedicated, and willing to put in extra effort required for excellence. I strongly recommend him.”
-Tim Loomer
Academic Dean, Providence High School

“To select and hire Executive Educational Consultants will be your special blessing and certainly a huge step in resolving any school dilemma you may be encountering. They’ll help you walk through it and come to a suitable and reasonable solution.”
-Esther Hinson
Miracle Village Academy